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27th Jan - 29th Jan, 2017

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We believe in sharing our knowledge


Kickstart your journey into the world of hobby robotics.


To bring together people, to discuss and exchange ideas related to more mature and nuanced areas of robotics.

Winter Workshop
Winter Workshop

See the complete documentation of the winter workshop we conduct anually for first and second year undergraduates of IIT Kharagpur.



Robotix 2017, #GearUp

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The Induction Workshop

A peek into what their lives are going to be. A tiny taste of the awesome things that await them in this lush green campus, was given to the new-comers in the Induction workshop conducted by IIT Kharagpur, in association with the societies listed ... continue reading

Robotix 2017

Making a bot is really simple. You just have to understand the problem statement, think of a design and then make it alive. And for the debugging part, that’s easy too, except for a few million complications. When a critical soul questioned me a... continue reading

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