Winter Workshop FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the winter workshop?

The annual winter workshop is organized each year, after the conclusion of the autumn semester, by Technology Robotix Society where in the interested students are taught the concepts of either autonomous robotics or computer vision, and through that knowledge,they attempt to tackle a relevant problem statement.

2. When is the winter workshop?

The winter workshop is conducted in two phases to include students having NSS/NCC camps. Therefore the dates for both the phases are as follows -:

  • Phase One - 1st December - 7th December.
  • Phase Two - 10th December - 16th December.

3. Who is eligible to attend the winter workshop?

Each and Every 1st and 2nd year student of IIT Kharagpur, enrolled in any course, is eligible to attend the winter workshop.

4. What is winter workshop test and do we need to pass it in order to attend the winter workshop?

Winter workshop test is not a qualifying test for the winter workshop, but is an assessment test to help us assign competent group and problem statement to you. Please note that writing winter workshop test is mandatory for attending winter workshop.

5. What are the prerequisites, if any, for attending the winter workshop?

There are no prerequisites for attending the winter workshop.Though we reccomend attending KRAIG classes.

6. What is the course content of the winter workshop?

Course Contents are as follows -:

Autonomous Robotics Group

  • Micro-controller architecture
  • Micro-controller programming
  • Interfacing sensors with micro-controller
  • Motors and Motor Drivers And hands-on experience of making an autonomous robot from scratch.

Image Processing Group

  • Representation of image in OpenCV.
  • Applying simple linear filters.
  • Canny Filter and Edge Detection.
  • Hough Transform.
  • Creating Histogram and detecting shape.

7. Do I get a certificate for attending the winter workshop?

Yes! Every student who successfully completes the workshop gets an IEEE certification.

8. Will I have a fully functional robot after the winter workshop?

Definitely Yes! That is the whole purpose of the workshop. After the workshop you can proudly tell that you have successfully built a robot which works on its own.

9. Is it compulsory to attend winter workshop if I want to get into research groups at IIT KGP?

Yes! The research group gauge your dedication in the winter workshop. We invite some mentors from various research groups (like KRSSG, AGV, ARK and swarm) to share their vast experience in their respective domain and your performance during the workshop is judged which will definitely help you during your selections. Their rounds are highly technical so even if you haven’t attended the winter workshop they do expect you to have the same knowledge and relevant experience of making a bot for which winter workshop is the best platform.

10. I want to take part in my Hall’s tech GC. What should I do?

Attend the workshop. Hall Council Members value those who have a lot of technical background and winter workshop is your first step towards it. All of your captains in tech GC have attended the winter workshop and they are the best people to tell you about the benefits of this. If you dream to represent IIT Kharagpur in the glamourous inter-IIT Tech, take your first step. The events on which there is a direct impact of this workshop is Hardware Modelling, OpenSoft, Product Design while various others where the skills that you gain in the winter workshop will help.

11. How do I register for winter workshop 2016?

That’s see. Fill out the form here and come to give a test which is scheduled soon. Like our facebook page to be updated with the latest happenings. We will post the dates of the test soon.

12. Where would I eat?

Don’t worry there would be private mess system in RK as well as VS. All the hall canteens would be open. There are a lot of seniors who would be waiting either for their placements or projects so food is very easily available. All the major eateries are open during December.